Glutathione & Lighten Skin 
Glutathione is not known to most of the people even though it is one of the most vital causes for our healthy cells. Most may not know about its very crucial role in the protection of the cells and countering many things including ageing. Yet when it comes to its skin whitening properties it is very popular among the women of Japan, China and other Asian countries.

Let us understand how glutathione acts as the secret behind youthful and fair skin.

First of all glutathione protects the cells against damage caused due to the oxidative functions of the body. So it produces less dead cells that give the dull look. It also combines with Tyrosinase and helps prevent the formation of melanin, which gives the darker color to the skin. It reverses the ageing skin cells and keeps the skin free from toxins.

Hence this antioxidant serves in many ways to keep the skin healthy and lighter in shade along with maintaining the youthfulness of the skin.

Glutathione whitening pills side effects
Glutathione is like every woman’s best friend. It gives them the most cherished care for their skin and the visible results. It is available in the form of pills. Let us keep in mind these side effects before using glutathione whitening pills.

  • Taking too many glutathione pills without prior though can risk the chances of kidney damage.

  • Taking glutathione pills for skin lightening, especially when taken for too long can reduce the zinc levels of the body. This might lead to other illnesses related to a deficiency.

  • Inhaling glutathione supplements may worsen the conditions for asthma.

  • Glutathione supplements have been reported to have caused an increase in the formation of loose bowel movement.

  • If the bloodstream is flooded with glutathione supplements on a regular basis or even if for a long period of time, then it can diminish the cell's natural capacity to produce glutathione within the cells.

  • During pregnancy and breastfeeding glutathione pills can be harmful.